We have been developing Rigo-Chêneau principles for more than 30 years.

We have been developing Rigo-Chêneau principles for more than 30 years. Braces are made in a workshop, which is not associated to the center. Dr. Rigo has been taking care personally of brace design, construction and fitting for most of the patients attending the clinic. A new brace is indicated only when indicated. When a patient comes for consultation with a ‘good standart’ brace, no matter the name of such a brace, Dr. Rigo use to recommend continue with that brace.


The original Chêneau principles have been re-defined by Dr.Rigo using a new classification and biomechanics, in order to standardize treatment. This is the reason why many orthotist use Rigo principles and classification under the name of Rigo Cheneau brace. However, a Rigo-Cheneau Brace does not exists as a product, which could be considered as fully standardized.


The name of the brace given by any orthotist is not a guaranty by itself. Brace quality depends on the knowledge and capability of the orthotist who make and fit the brace. Nevertheless, the one who writes the prescription (usually a Medical Doctor, specialist in Scoliosis) is the one who gets the final responsibility. This is even applyable to the so called CAD CAM brace, like for example the RSC (CAD CAM version of the Rigo-Chêneau brace).


Ortholutions RSC is made according to a library of models created personally by Dr. Rigo and fabricated by Ortholutions following Dr. Rigo classification, but the final and unique responsible that the brace works well is the orthotist who fit and adjust the brace and, most important, the doctor who has prescribed, checked and validated the brace.


It is more and more popular to talk about three-dimensional (3D) brace correction. In-brace correction can be considered ‘quasi 3D’, but some elements of the scoliosis morphology can be poorly influenced by the brace action. For example, the lordotization of the main thoracic region, which is typically associated to most of the progressive scoliosis needing brace treatment. 






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